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About Us

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  • Industry

    Private Practice, Family & Home Health Services

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    500-999 employees

  • Headquarters

    Phoenix, AZ

We wanted to do away with the sometimes-negative aspects of behavioral healthcare services and make the experience positive, helpful, and efficient, and we based our behavioral health support services on the following standards:

  • Treat each person as a necessary, welcome, and equal partner in figuring out how to help support their hopes and goals.
  • Stop doing what has been tried unsuccessfully, and often repeatedly, in the past. Instead, find new, creative approaches to solve challenges.
  • Get involved and actively do something to help. Rather than just sitting and talking about it, we want to get up and be proactively helpful.
  • Offer services when and where you want and need them rather than only during traditional office hours. If you need support on a weekend, evening or holiday, we believe it should be available. When you need services in your home, your child’s school, a young adult’s workplace, or wherever else help is most beneficial, that is where services should be offered.
  • Listen more. Give less advice.
  • Find a way to help families live at home together safely and successfully rather than in out-of-home locations such as treatment centers, hospitals, and detention centers.